Welcome to the Gallery

The pixel size is 10 mm x 10 mm x 3 mm felt squares. The frame is a 30 aluminum groove profile with 8 mm groove. Therefore this will not exceed the packing size of 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm even for the large red dragon with frame.

The images are inspired by motifs from old computer games, as these could often express a lot with just a few pixels. The emphasis is on games with 16 or 32 colors. It is a "transformative use" because everything is put in a new context with a new medium - felt. As a result, the resulting work IS the original. Nevertheless, as far as possible, I will list the digital artists who participated in the corresponding game. To be found in the Credits section.

What you pay for is in the end the raw material and my effort and working time for its production. What you get is not a simple copy of an upscaled image, but a felt work of art that looks similar to the original from which it got inspired.

The images are created with a custom generator and are based on images of the various felt colors of the manufacturer. There may be color deviations due to this as well as due to the reproduction on your screen.

The "Image color count" specifies the number of colors in the original motif. The "Felt color count" sometimes deviates if I use the same felt for similar colors, if there are not enough different ones, or if it seems reasonable for the sake of a better overall result.

It may also be that colors are sometimes very similar and only show differences when you look closely. In images with a large number of similar shades, this can lead to a lack of differentiability and monotony.

The images in the gallery are an attempt to generate the images as they might look in the end. The reference dragon proves that this can be successful.

Small update on the size: Meanwhile, a few motifs with excess length were added! This makes shipping more difficult and unfortunately more expensive.