Pixel Art Bilder - where digital art comes to life

Do you belong to the generation of people who grew up with pixel art from the home computer era of the late 80s and 90s? When the resolution was still 320 px x 200 px?
At that time, the artists also had to make do with a small colour palette. Nevertheless, they managed to create true artworks with few resources.

This page is about the attempt to transform the artworks of the digital world into artworks of the real world. The "reference dragon" is intended to give an insight into how this is done with the help of coloured felt.

In the gallery you can already find some pictures that were generated on the basis of the available felt colour palette. The felt panels will be 10 mm x 10 mm x 3 mm and glued to a medium-density fibreboard. The panel will be divided in two for larger motifs. The picture is then displayed in a suitable aluminium frame.

Perhaps you will find a motif of your liking.